About Us

KCP locates at Foshan, China and has been manufacturing aluminum honeycomb related products for more than 15 years. We have expertise in ranges of aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels, for both interior and exterior applications.

KCP keeps persisting its core value – To provide quality panels meeting international standards, with punctual delivery and with good pricing.

QUALITY – With ample experience in supplying aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels to landmark projects all over the world, KCP understands even the most stringent standards that are required for both exterior and interior applications. By fully implementing ISO 9001 quality system, our QC staffs thoroughly checks every individual panel at every processing sector.

PUNCTUAL DELIVERY – KCP owns a production facility with over 20,000M2 for production of aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels. Our production lines and machineries enables an annual output of over 800,000M2 for three of our products combined. Such production capacity enables shorter in production lead time and hence timely delivery for each batch of production.

GOOD PRICING – KCP is dedicated in cutting down your project cost to meet the budget without compromising quality. We have strategic partnership with raw aluminum and natural stone suppliers locally and internationally. We also integrate productions of aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels into our workshop, which enables us to reduce outsourcing and effectively cut down our cost. KCP will always supply top quality panels with reasonable pricing.

BS EN13501-1 A2 s1, d0 Certified

Among the extensive tests that had been done for KCP’s panels, we would like to highlight the non-combustibility test under BS EN13051-1. KCP carries the A2 s1, do certification, which means that our panel is non-combustible as a whole when confronting with fire, and with the least smoke development (s1) as well as no droplets (d0).

With many tragedies being reported all around the world for high-rise building fires, most of them is caused by combustible cladding materials which massively spread the flame in very short period of time from one storey to the whole building, eventually resulted in great loss and deaths. KCP cares about the fire safety of our own panels and develops a matured fire-retardant composition for building envelop and interior cladding. We will make sure all our panels will not repeat the same miserable history.



15 years of expertise

Established in year 2005, KCP keep taking solid steps to move forward in the aluminum honeycomb industry. During the years KCP only dedicates to three specific categories – aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels. KCP has built up a strong and consistent team to get every prodcution successfully delivered – besides experienced management team, KCP also maintain core workers which had been working with KCP for over 7 years.

Know-how to achieve top standards

By cooperating with renowned developers, architects, consultants and contractors all over the world, KCP gains its know-how to achieve top standards internationally. During the years KCP has supplied its panels to major projects in U.S, Canada, Australia and major cities in China. We have matured formula and composition for the most extreme weather conditions. We are capable to deliver panels with aesthetically beautiful and structurally sound to your valued projects.

Persistence in quality

KCP understands the important responsibility it has to make sure every single panel delivered is safe to be clad from high rises façade to interior fit-outs. We have set up an in-house laboratory to test both incoming materials as well as random specimens from production to ensure the consistent bonding for the life spans. We have experienced QC team to monitor the whole production process under ISO 9001 standard to enable smooth delivery on every batch of production.

Our Products

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

  • Aerospace-grade adhesive for bonding
  • Available in micro-aperture cells
  • Available from 5mm to 500mm thickness
  • Available in raw blocks or slices
  • Available in fully expanded form
  • Matured production lines for fast delivery
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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

  • Thermoplastic film for better weather performance
  • Proven epoxy adhesive for over 2.0MPa tensile resistance
  • Maximum size 2000x6000mm
  • Multiple coating options – PVDF, PE, Powdered coated etc.
  • Capability in producing odd-shape panels
  • Applicable for exterior, interior, or lamination use
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Stone Honeycomb Panels

  • Proven epoxy adhesive for weather resistance
  • Surface options – Stone, Porcelain, Ceramic, etc.
  • Rich experience in fabrication for odd-shape panels
  • Well-established QC system for quality panels
  • Outstanding life-span in extreme weather conditions
  • Applicable for exterior cladding or interior use
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Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

  • Single-layer fiberglass sheets for better bonding
  • Modified epoxy adhesive for weather resistance
  • Available in one-side or both sides fiberglass
  • Maximum size 2000x6000mm
  • Rough surface finish for stone veneer lamination
  • Outstanding tensile strength at over 2.0MPa
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