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Aluminum honeycomb core were firstly applied in aerospace industry several decades ago. It is a very strong structure made from soft and relatively low-price material to achieve best cost efficiency. The aerospace-grade epoxy adhesive is applied uniformly onto aluminum foil in designated order and frequency by machine, and the foils will be stacked and hot pressed to form a block. Honeycomb slices will then be cut from the block and after fully expanded, the aluminum honeycomb core is made.

Honeycomb Aluminum Sheet

KCP offers two ranges of aluminum honeycomb core categorized by its cell size – micron-aperture aluminum honeycomb core and regular aluminum honeycomb core. By definition, cell sizes that are equivalent or under 1/5” is called micro-aperture core, which are used for lighting, machinery, filter etc. While for the cell sizes that are above 1/5” is called regular core, which is ideal for uses of construction, interior fit-out, transportation, marine, etc.

According to different applications, KCP offers below category for aluminum honeycomb core:

  • Raw blocks
  • Unexpanded slices
  • Fully expanded aluminum honeycomb core

The aluminum honeycomb core is one of the best options for core material of ACM metal panels and honeycomb aluminum sheets. Its lightweight feature and high rigidity also makes it to be widely applied in many other applications.

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The Sturcture

Honeycomb Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum honeycomb core is an array of hexagonal hollow cells formed between thin vertical aluminum foil. It has the geometry of honeycomb with purpose of achieving highest strength-to-weight ratio. It has been widely used in aerospace industry since 1950s and later on being introduced to the building sector for lightweight and large-format composites material.

Cell Size Definition:
a=Grid length
b=Inner circle diameter
c=Thickness of aluminum foil

Robust Structure of Aluminum Honeycomb Cores

Let’s delve deeper into the engineering nuances that make aluminum honeycomb cores extraordinarily robust.

Aside from using aerospace-grade epoxy adhesive to ensure the core’s structural integrity, we also have strict quality control processes in place to ensure the flawless application of the adhesive onto the aluminum foil. Here at KCP, we use state-of-the-art machinery to meticulously control the frequency, placement, and thickness of the adhesive, guaranteeing a consistent bond throughout the core. This uniformity is a cornerstone of the core’s resilience and structural integrity.

Equally noteworthy is the precision with which the honeycomb slices are cut from the hot-pressed block. Advanced laser cutting technology is employed to ensure that the cellular structure remains perfectly aligned and intact, reducing any chances of internal stress or weak points that might compromise the core’s performance.

Detailed Specifications

KCP offers two main types of cell sizes in its aluminum honeycomb cores: micron-aperture and regular. The micron-aperture cores have smaller cell sizes of 1/5″ or less, while the regular cores have larger cell sizes exceeding 1/5″. This selection allows the cores to be customized for various applications and specific mechanical needs.

You can choose from three different forms of aluminum honeycomb core: raw blocks, slices that haven’t yet been expanded, and fully expanded cores. This range of options gives you the flexibility to pick the form that best suits your project.

Structurally, the aluminum honeycomb core is made up of a series of hexagonal hollow cells. These are formed between thin layers of vertical aluminum foil. An aerospace-grade epoxy adhesive is used to bond these cells securely, creating a strong and durable structure.

The thickness of the aluminum foil and the shape of the honeycomb cells can be adjusted based on the project’s needs. For the best results, it’s advisable to consult with KCP to explore the available options for thickness and cell geometry.

Applications Highlighting the Advantages of Our Aluminum Honeycomb Cores

Beyond aerospace and construction, the advantages of KCP’s aluminum honeycomb panels extend to various other sectors.

  • In the automotive industry, these cores are used in energy absorption systems and body panel structures. Their lightweight yet sturdy construction makes them ideal for decreasing overall vehicle weight, thereby contributing to fuel efficiency.
  • In renewable energy, our cores find applications in wind turbine blades. The low weight and high rigidity of the cores make them particularly effective for this purpose, allowing for blades that can withstand high wind pressures while still being relatively easy to install and maintain.
  • For marine applications, the corrosion-resistant nature of aluminum, coupled with the structural benefits of the honeycomb core, makes these products ideal for use in ship hulls and other maritime structures. The buoyancy provided by the honeycomb structure adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring that even if the outer shell is compromised, the core can provide adequate floatation to prevent sinking.
  • In the consumer electronics sector, these cores are starting to gain traction in building lightweight and durable chassis for laptops and other portable devices. The exceptional heat dissipation qualities of the aluminum honeycomb structure make it an excellent choice for gadgets that require effective thermal management.

KCP’s aluminum honeycomb cores offer not just exceptional mechanical properties but also a high degree of versatility, opening up a wide range of application possibilities. You can count on their ability to stand up to the challenges of the modern world.


KCP offers two ranges of Aluminum Honeycomb Core: micron-aperture aluminum honeycomb core and regular aluminum honeycomb core. Micron-aperture core refers to cell sizes equivalent to or under 1/5″, suitable for applications such as lighting, machinery, and filters. Regular core has cell sizes above 1/5″ and is ideal for construction, interior fit-out, transportation, marine, and more. KCP also offers raw blocks, unexpanded slices, and a fully expanded aluminum honeycomb core, making it a versatile choice for various applications requiring lightweight and rigid core material. Contact us today to discover the best solution for your needs.

The thickness options available for KC Panels’ honeycomb aluminum sheet vary depending on the specific application and requirements. It is recommended to consult with KC Panels directly to discuss the available thickness options for their high-quality Aluminum Honeycomb Sheet, ensuring the optimal solution for your project needs.

KCP offers three forms of aluminum honeycomb core: raw blocks, unexpanded slices, and fully expanded honeycomb aluminum sheets. These options provide flexibility in choosing the most suitable form for specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and ease of use.