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Aluminum honeycomb core were firstly applied in aerospace industry several decades ago. It is a very strong structure made from soft and relatively low-price material to achieve best cost efficiency. The aerospace-grade epoxy adhesive is applied uniformly onto aluminum foil in designated order and frequency by machine, and the foils will be stacked and hot pressed to form a block. Honeycomb slices will then be cut from the block and after fully expanded, the aluminum honeycomb core is made.

Honeycomb Aluminum Sheet

KCP offers two ranges of aluminum honeycomb core categorized by its cell size – micron-aperture aluminum honeycomb core and regular aluminum honeycomb core. By definition, cell sizes that are equivalent or under 1/5” is called micro-aperture core, which are used for lighting, machinery, filter etc. While for the cell sizes that are above 1/5” is called regular core, which is ideal for uses of construction, interior fit-out, transportation, marine, etc.

According to different applications, KCP offers below category for aluminum honeycomb core:

  • Raw blocks
  • Unexpanded slices
  • Fully expanded aluminum honeycomb core

The aluminum honeycomb core is one of the best options for core material of ACM metal panels and honeycomb aluminum sheets. Its lightweight feature and high rigidity also makes it to be widely applied in many other applications.

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The Sturcture

Honeycomb Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum honeycomb core is an array of hexagonal hollow cells formed between thin vertical aluminum foil. It has the geometry of honeycomb with purpose of achieving highest strength-to-weight ratio. It has been widely used in aerospace industry since 1950s and later on being introduced to the building sector for lightweight and large-format composites material.

Cell Size Definition:
a=Grid length
b=Inner circle diameter
c=Thickness of aluminum foil