Aluminum Honeycomb Panels with Anodizing / Epoxy Coating

With anodizing aluminum, the honeycomb sheet panels as a whole can be free from oxidation, therefore it is an ideal choice for invisible side of the veneer panel, say stone honeycomb panels or others. Another type is epoxy coating aluminum, which also anti-corrosion, and at the same time significantly enhances the performance of glue-bonding, making the pull strength with honeycomb core over 2.0MPa.

These two types of panels are mostly used for backing panels with other layer of material to be laminated on top, for example, natural stone, porcelain, wood veneer, solar components, etc.


Key Specs:

Coating Type: Anodizing / Epoxy Coating

Coating Thickness: 5um

Color Range: Please contact us for color chart

Aluminum Type: 3003 / 5052

Aluminum Thickness: 0.3~2.0mm

Overall Thickness: 3~100mm

Maximum Dimension: 2000*6000mm