Aluminum Honeycomb Panels with Heat Transfer Printing

By using heat transfer printing technology, the aluminum honeycomb panels can be printed with various of different patterns, including wood grain and stone vein, etc. Such panels are suitable for both exterior and interior use, and is the most environmental way to replace natural materials.

The aluminum honeycomb panels itself is a sandwich structure consists of two layers of aluminum sheets and aluminum honeycomb core in between. These three layers are bonded by modified epoxy adhesive from renowned brands which has specific product lines for aluminum honeycomb applications. With the characteristic of elastic and weather resistant, our aluminum honeycomb panels can be used under most extreme weather conditions ranging from -40 degree to 80 degree Celsius.



Key Specs: 

Surface finish: Heat transfer printing

Pattern: Wood grain, stone vein, and other customizable patterns

Aluminum Type: 3003 / 5052

Aluminum Thickness: 0.3~2.0mm

Overall Thickness: 3~100mm

Maximum Dimension: 2000*6000mm

Factory Fabrication: Possible