Aluminum Honeycomb Panels with PE coating

With PE (polyethylene) paint being coated onto the aluminum sheets, such panels are good for indoor decoration purpose and at the same time free of oxidation of aluminum. Comparing with other coating, PE is relatively lower priced so it is usually a popular choice for indoor use such as interior decoration, ceiling, partitions, aluminum furniture, etc.

The aluminum honeycomb panels itself is a sandwich structure consists of two layers of aluminum sheets and aluminum honeycomb core in between. These three layers are bonded by modified epoxy adhesive from renowned brands which has specific product lines for aluminum honeycomb applications. Our guaranteed bonding grants for longevity of the panels.



Key Specs:

Coating Type: PE (polyethylene)

Coating Thickness: 20um

Color Range: As per Pantone color chart

Aluminum Type: 3003 / 5052

Aluminum Thickness: 0.3~2.0mm

Overall Thickness: 3~100mm

Maximum Dimension: 2000*6000mm

Factory Fabrication: Possible