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Bringing Classic Charm: The Appeal of Brick Veneer Panels in Modern Design

Brick is a popular choice for those seeking a grand and ageless look that can also complement modern designs. But constructing a brick structure can be difficult because of the material’s weight and the intensive labor required to work with it. Thankfully, brick veneer panels make it easier and more cost-effective to achieve the aesthetic of traditional brickworks.

Unlike solid brick, brick veneers feature a modular installation made by applying porcelain tiles on an aluminum honeycomb backing. The porcelain tile can be configured to look like any brick for a custom look and feel. Though not necessarily actual bricks, these panels offer key advantages like low-cost and quick installation and longevity. Many projects also benefit from these panels’ dry installation and low weight.

Reputable manufacturers and suppliers can customize brick honeycomb panels in many ways. They can have a worn-out, antique look or color variations to make them look like actual bricks. So, whether you require a traditional or contemporary design, it will be possible with high-quality brick veneer panels.

Reliable construction

The best brick honeycomb panels have 9-10mm-thick brick tiles laminated onto aluminum honeycomb panels based on your layout. This is done in the factory to save time. Then the panels are shipped to your construction site, ready to install. So, builders just need to hang every panel with interlocking systems for a neat look.

Most suppliers can supply brick cladding panels at 1220mm x 2550mm or 1500mm x 3000mm, but these materials are still customizable and can be pre-fabricated according to drawings. It’s possible to have them cut to size and assembled for every precise elevation, too. Essentially, you can leave all the time-consuming and complex construction to an expert like KC Panels.

Get the best materials here!

Contact us here at KC Panels for an estimate! We’ll work with your team to provide high-quality and ready-to-install brick veneer panels for your project.

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