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Characteristics That Make Aluminum Honeycomb Cores a Better Choice

Aluminum honeycomb panels are revolutionary materials for weight-saving applications, but for some projects, the aluminum honeycomb core is a better fit. This material debuted in the aerospace industry decades ago, where it was widely applied for its robust structure and cost efficiency.

Unlike a honeycomb aluminum panel, honeycomb cores use aerospace-grade epoxy on aluminum foils, applied by a machine in a carefully planned frequency and order before stacking and hot-pressing them to create a block. Honeycomb slices are cut from the block to expand, resulting in the aluminum honeycomb cores.

But why would you choose aluminum honeycomb cores over aluminum honeycomb panels? These characteristics can make them a better choice for certain projects:


Two cell sizes

The cores come in two sizes based on their cell size. Micron-aperture is equal to or less than 1/5”, making it ideal for machinery, filters, and lighting. The regular core size exceeds 1/5” and is suitable for marine, interior fit-out, construction, transportation, and other similar applications.


There’s something for every application.

Aluminum honeycomb cores can be supplied as unexpanded slices, raw blocks, or fully expanded, depending on how you use them. These materials are ideal as the core materials for a honeycomb aluminum panel and sheets for their low weight and high rigidity.



Looking at aluminum honeycomb cores, you will notice an array of hollow hexagonal cells generated between thin sheets of vertical aluminum foil. Its geometry is that of a honeycomb for optimum strength-to-weight ratio, a critical feature in applications where low weight is necessary without compromising durability and longevity. This structure also delivers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.


Choose aluminum honeycomb cores.

Check with a reputable and established manufacturer and supplier of aluminum honeycomb panels to see if they offer cores. They will work with you to customize the materials to suit your requirements at a reasonable cost.

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