Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels – KC Panels

Fiberglass honeycomb panels consists of two layers of fiberglass sheets, or one layer fiberglass and the other aluminum sheets, with aluminum honeycomb core in between. This type of panel is designated for backing of stone veneer panels for exterior cladding. Fiberglass itself has similar thermal conductivity with natural stone, therefore even under rapid temperature changes outdoor, stone and fiberglass move along in similar ranges, with keeps the stone veneer panel as a whole keeping straight with minimum bowing.

Honeycomb Fiberglass

KCP manufactures honeycomb fiberglass panels with renowned adhesive from trustworthy suppliers. It is the ideal choice for those who needs backing panels for lamination of their own stone panels.

The Composition

Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

KCP’s fiberglass honeycomb panel is a sandwich structure consist of two layer of fiberglass sheets; Or alternatively one layer fiberglass sheet and the other aluminum sheets, and aluminum honeycomb core in between. All layers are bonding with modified epoxy adhesive to make the panel as a whole.

Guaranteed Bonding

The elder version of fiberglass honeycomb panels available on the market use resin to apply onto fiberglass sheets to form the fiberglass layer. While the resin itself is always the weakest point of the panel as a whole – It usually fails at around 1.2MPa during flatwise tensile strength tests. This is not an ideal statistic especially for exterior cladding panels.

KCP now offers its new-generation fiberglass panels which uses modified epoxy to apply with fiberglass sheets. It is way stronger than the traditional resin. As a result, the tensile strength that can be achieved by our panels reach to 2.5MPa – which is 2 times stronger than the elder version.

The Specifications

  • Items
    Double-side Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels
    One-side Fiberglass, the other side aluminum
  • Width
    Up to 2000mm
  • Length
    Up to 6000mm
  • Thickness
    10mm to 500mm
  • Surface Finishes
    Rough surface on the fiberglass side for better bonding with stone; Anti-corrosion coating on the aluminum sheet
  • Flatwise Tensile Strength
  • Flatwise Compressive Strength
  • Flatwise Shear Strength
  • Drum Peeling Strength
    N/A on aluminum side
  • Flexural Strength


Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels manufactured by KCP are an ideal choice for backing panels in lamination processes due to their composition of fiberglass sheets, aluminum honeycomb core, and renowned adhesive. This combination ensures stability and prevents bowing, making them suitable for supporting stone veneer panels in exterior cladding. The similar thermal conductivity between fiberglass and natural stone allows for consistent movement, even in fluctuating outdoor temperatures, maintaining the overall integrity of the stone veneer panel.

KCP ensures guaranteed bonding in their fiberglass honeycomb panels by using a modified epoxy adhesive to bond all layers, including the fiberglass sheets and the aluminum honeycomb core. This new-generation bonding method is significantly stronger than the traditional resin used in older panels, resulting in a tensile strength of 2.5MPa, which is twice as strong as the elder version.

In KCP’s fiberglass honeycomb panels, the layers of fiberglass and aluminum are bonded together using a modified epoxy adhesive. This adhesive ensures a strong and durable bond between the layers, resulting in a solid and reliable fiberglass honeycomb panel.