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Honeycomb Core Panel – Everything You Need to Know

Decades ago, the aerospace industry pioneered using honeycomb core panels, which are strong structures made from soft and relatively inexpensive materials for optimal cost efficiency. To create these cores, a machine uniformly applies aerospace-grade epoxy adhesive onto the aluminum foil in a specific frequency and order. The foils are then stacked and hot-pressed to form a block. From this block, honeycomb slices are cut and fully expanded to create the aluminum honeycomb core.

Understanding the structure and variations of honeycomb core panels is crucial to ensure you select the appropriate material for your project. Here’s everything you need to know.


A honeycomb core panel comprises a series of hexagonal hollow cells created by thin, vertically aligned aluminum foil. The honeycomb structure is designed to achieve the highest possible strength-to-weight ratio.

Cell size

Manufacturers categorize honeycomb core panels by cell size: micro-aperture and regular. Micro-aperture cores have cell sizes equivalent to or less than 1/5” and are used for applications like filters, machinery, and lighting. Regular cores have cell sizes larger than 1/5” and are suitable for interior-fit-outs, construction, marine, and transportation.

Depending on your specific application, a manufacturer can supply a honeycomb core panel as a raw block, fully expanded, or unexpanded slice. The core material is ideal for honeycomb aluminum sheets and ACM metal panels due to its high rigidity and lightweight nature.

Where to get honeycomb core panels

Source a honeycomb core panel from an established and respected manufacturer with years of experience producing a comprehensive range of lightweight honeycomb solutions. They collaborate with renowned adhesive manufacturers and implement ISO 9001 standards throughout their factories to ensure quality and durability in extreme conditions.

Look for a manufacturer with efficient production lines and machinery in their workshop. That way, you can count on their ability to deliver a high volume of materials promptly. Reputable manufacturers have access to international and local raw materials and quarries, allowing them to offer materials at competitive prices.

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