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Honeycomb Core Panel – Everything You Need to Know

Using lightweight materials can significantly speed up the completion of your project while reducing building and labor costs. Likewise, it can introduce long-term savings. And don’t worry—using lighter materials doesn’t have to mean sacrificing durability. The honeycomb core panel is a notable exception, offering both strength and longevity. Here’s a comprehensive overview of this material.

What is it?

Honeycomb core panels are composed of hollow hexagonal cells between thin vertical aluminum foils. The honeycomb geometry increases the strength-to-weight ratio to optimum levels, making the material practical in aerospace, where it was initially used. Manufacturers use advanced machinery to apply aerospace-grade epoxy onto the foil with careful precision and frequency. Then the foils are stacked and hot-pressed to create a block. The honeycomb slices are cut from the block, and the final material is produced after expansion.

Available in different sizes

Reputable manufacturers can provide a honeycomb core panel in two variants based on the cell size: regular and micro-aperture aluminum honeycomb core. Cell sizes under or equivalent to 1/5” are micro-aperture, which is suitable for filters, lighting, machinery, and other similar applications. Meanwhile, cell sizes exceeding 1/5” are regular, which is ideal for interior fit-out marine, transportation, and construction.

Different types

Manufacturers can supply honeycomb core panels in different types for various applications. These include raw blocks, fully expanded, and unexpanded slices.

Who manufactures these materials?

Many companies may offer these products, but only select manufacturers in China can provide the best array of products ranging from aluminum honeycomb panels, cores, and stone honeycomb panels.

Choose a supplier that understands and implements international standards, especially ISO 9001. Moreover, make sure it has an in-house quality control staff and a laboratory for testing specimens and monitoring the bonding performance of every honeycomb core panel. Consider a company with efficient production lines and machinery to meet high-volume orders.

How much is this material?

Reputable manufacturers source raw aluminum and stone locally and internationally and integrate production to minimize outsourcing and overall costs. This way, they can pass the savings to you.

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