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Honeycomb Fiberglass: A Novel Way to Make Your Home Safer!

When building or remodeling your home, you’ll want to use high-quality materials that will increase its safety and longevity without compromising on long-term costs. One of the newest products you can consider is honeycomb fiberglass. Built as panels, it consists of either two layers of fiberglass sheets or aluminum sheets or a layer of fiberglass with an aluminum honeycomb core. That makes the panel ideal as backing for stone veneer panels used in exterior cladding.

The thermal conductivity of fiberglass is similar to natural stone. So, when outdoor temperatures change fast, fiberglass and stone move in similar ranges while keeping the stone veneer panel in good shape with reduced bowing. All layers of honeycomb fiberglass panels are bonded with a high-quality modified epoxy adhesive to ensure durability.

New fiberglass honeycomb panels perform better than previous versions. Older versions rely on resin, which is applied on fiberglass sheets to create the fiberglass layer. The resin becomes the panel’s weak point and fails at 1.2 MPa when subject to flatwise tensile strength tests. So, it is not the best for exterior cladding panels.

Advancements in technology contributed to better new-generation fiberglass honeycomb panels with modified epoxy applied with fiberglass sheets. This way, it creates a stronger and guaranteed bond than conventional resin. The tensile strength is improved and reaches 2.5MPa, which makes it two times stronger than older versions.

You are likely investing a lot in building your home, so it makes sense to choose better materials that will make it last longer. High-quality honeycomb fiberglass panels add to the sound structure and longevity of your home. Reputable providers of the material leave a rough surface finish on the side of the fiberglass to make it bond better with stone. The aluminum sheet is coated with an anti-corrosion treatment to extend the longevity of the material. You can get the panels in a size that is up to 2000mm wide, up to 6000mm long, and between 10mm and 500mm thick.

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