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How is Honeycomb Fiberglass Produced?

Exterior cladding isn’t merely for decorative purposes. The best materials can increase their performance to keep up with temperature changes without warping or deforming. This way, it preserves the aesthetics of your property. One of the best materials for this is honeycomb fiberglass. It’s composed of two layers of fiberglass sheets or a single layer of fiberglass and other aluminum sheets, with an aluminum honeycomb core sandwiched between them.

Honeycomb fiberglass; is designed as backing for stone veneer panels used in exterior cladding, with the same thermal conductivity as natural stone. So, stone and fiberglass can move in similar ranges with minimal bowing to keep the entire stone veneer panel straight, even under rapid temperature changes outdoors.

Producing the material

Fiberglass honeycomb panels; are designed as a sandwich structure with two layers of fiberglass sheets. Alternatively, they can be made with one layer of fiberglass sheet while the others are aluminum sheets with the aluminum honeycomb core in between. Some manufacturers may apply anti-corrosion coating on aluminum sheets. They may maintain a rough surface on the fiberglass side to enhance the bond with stone. All the layers are bonded with modified epoxy adhesive.

Reputable manufacturers create the panels using high-quality adhesive from trustworthy suppliers. This way, you are guaranteed a dependable product that can increase your savings for installation and maintenance.

Guaranteed bonding

Resin; was used as an adhesive in older honeycomb fiberglass panels. It was applied to each sheet to create the fiberglass layer. As a result, the resin becomes the panel’s weakest point, and it is likely to fail at approximately 1.2MPa in flatwise tensile strength tests. That’s not an ideal scenario for panels used as exterior cladding.

Seasoned manufacturers use new-generation fiberglass panels with modified epoxy for the fiberglass sheets. This way, the bonding is much stronger than traditional resin, and the tensile strength can reach 2.5MPa, which is two times stronger than older fiberglass panels.

Get high-quality honeycomb fiberglass.

If you’re using fiberglass honeycomb panels for your next project, source them only from a trustworthy and established manufacturer. Consider a manufacturer specializing in lightweight honeycomb solutions, including aluminum honeycomb cores and stone honeycomb panels. Be sure it implements ISO 9001 at each production section in the factory, with seasoned quality control professionals assigned to every project and an in-house laboratory for testing.

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