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How to Work Out How Many Stone Veneer Panels You Need

Without proper planning and budgeting, costs can easily pile up on any construction project. You’re also at risk of generating a lot of waste and having unused materials. Thus you should take the time to analyze your needs and determine the number of materials necessary to avoid unnecessary costs and excess, especially when using stone honeycomb panels. Before buying stone veneer panels, you must figure out how many you will need.

Things to consider

Determine whether you’re using exterior or interior stone, and decide on the type of stone veneer. Look up the options online and check prices for comparison to set an appropriate budget for your project.

Take measurements

Stone veneer panels are sold per square meter. Measure your facade in meters with a measuring tape, starting with the height from the bottom to the top. Don’t forget to record the numbers by writing them down. Then, proceed to measure horizontally to determine the width of the space. Multiply the height by the width to find the overall area. If there are openings or windows on the surface where you want the stone veneer panels, measure them using the same procedure and subtract them from the total area.

To measure corners, measure their height. For instance, if it’s 3.42 linear meters, you require 4 linear meters of corners.

Find and use a material calculator.

Some online calculators can let you determine the amount of stone veneer panels required for your project. Simply enter the square feet of flat areas and the linear feet of the corners. Don’t forget to determine the waste factor, which is the amount of stone trimmed or cut during installation, and it will depend on the project requirements, such as the tightness of the finished joints. Tighter joints may need more trimming, meaning more waste. A high waste factor means more stone gets utilized. Consult with your mason if you need help.

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