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Innovate with Stone: Discovering the Possibilities with Stone Honeycomb Panels

Natural stone offers a distinctive and upscale appearance to buildings, but the cost and weight of this material may make it impractical for cladding exteriors. Are you looking for a more cost-efficient and lightweight solution? Our stone honeycomb panels are great alternatives.

KC Panels focuses on producing aluminum honeycomb products, boasting over 15 years of expertise in the field. We stand out as one of the select manufacturers in China, offering a comprehensive selection of lightweight stone panels that adhere to global standards. This has earned us the trust of builders worldwide, who rely on our experience and products for their construction projects.

Stone honeycomb panels are made of a 5mm stone veneer with aluminum honeycomb as their reinforcement. We bond both materials with a specially formulated adhesive, resulting in a durable, ultra-lightweight material that doesn’t compromise strength and natural beauty. 

At KC Panels, we can customize these products in a wide range of materials, such as granite, limestone, marble, basalt, onyx, and sandstone. Additionally, we offer them in engineered stone, ceramic, glass, porcelain, and other artificial materials to give you more options to create aesthetically pleasing structures according to the project’s requirements.

In this blog, we will share more details about our stone panels, their features, and what you can do with them. We hope we can inspire you to build and innovate with stone and not be restricted to using traditional materials that could cost you more down the line.

Best for cladding

We highly recommend using our stone honeycomb panels to save money on exterior cladding. Our products weigh only 1/3 of thick slabs of solid stone to significantly reduce the entire facade’s dead load. Thanks to this lightweight feature, you could save millions of dollars in construction and maintenance and build three times faster. Plus, we supply them in large format to contribute more savings on installation time and costs.

Versatile applications

We understand that natural stone is often specified in upscale residential and commercial projects to bring a touch of luxury to any project. Our stone panels are also suitable for interior stone works. They offer the following benefits:

  • Cost savings – From a single stone slab, we can produce two stone honeycomb panels, ensuring competitive pricing for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Time savings – Most of the fabrication work is done in our factory.
  • Better quality – We make the stone veneer panels in-house, resulting in high-quality materials compared to fabricating at your job site.
  • Reduced site work – We can handle the customization and production of your stone panels. This approach not only saves you money and time but also minimizes the workload at your project site.

Worry-free cladding

At KC Panels, we work closely with reputable adhesive brands to ensure high-quality and reliable glue that withstands the most extreme weather and temperatures. Here’s a quick look at what makes our stone honeycomb panels the perfect and most durable cladding:

  • Each panel has a 3mm porcelain slab or 6mm natural stone veneer on top, with an aluminum honeycomb panel backing to reinforce the entire material.
  • We use a specially developed epoxy adhesive to bond the top veneer with the backing.
  • Our stone panels have guaranteed bonding for both exterior and interior applications.

Every stone honeycomb panel we make can stand up to temperature changes from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius. Our high-quality adhesives guarantee excellent and reliable bonding strength, even after decades. In fact, it makes our panels survive 2.0MPa in tensile tests. 

Additionally, we follow the strict guidelines of adhesive manufacturers when using their products and have even built special facilities for them, such as:

  • A temperature-controlled storage room
  • Dust-free blending room for two-component blending used in lamination

More possibilities with stone panels

Our stone honeycomb panels will keep your structure aesthetically pleasing for over 100 years with acceptable degradation. They even offer additional benefits to your project, such as:

  • Easy installation – The panels are quicker and easier to install than working with natural stone slabs, allowing you to speed up construction and deliver projects on time.
  • Insulation – Our stone panels have excellent insulation, which is ideal for commercial and residential projects.
  • Partitions and interior walls – Our stone honeycomb panels are versatile and can be used for these applications to maximize their insulation properties and natural appearance.

Explore our products

Our stone panels are versatile and can work with many applications. Keep reading for details and inspiration:

Thin stone

Our thin stone veneer panels feature a 5mm natural stone veneer and an aluminum honeycomb reinforcement backing. We can use all kinds of materials, such as granite, limestone, marble, basalt, travertine, sandstone, and more. In addition, we can finish the panel in different ways, such as sand-blasted, honed, polished, bush-hammered, leathery, etc.

Brick-alike ceramic

These stone honeycomb panels have an aluminum honeycomb panel backing to reinforce the 10mm-thick ceramic tile above. The result is a panel that resembles the aesthetics and texture of bricks while allowing for grouting similar to brick-installation processing for a more realistic appearance.

Sintered stone or porcelain

Our porcelain or sintered stone panels have 3 to 10 mm sintered stone or natural porcelain tile on top and an aluminum honeycomb panel reinforcement as the backing. With advanced technology, we can make these up to 1600 mm x 3200 mm per piece and at least 3 mm thick. Plus, we can print various patterns on the slabs, including wood vein, stone, pure color, or a custom texture.

We recommend this if you want to use porcelain tile because our stone honeycomb panels are much easier to install and more durable.

Curved stone

These stone panels are perfect for weight-saving applications. We use a 3mm-thick stone veneer with an aluminum honeycomb panel backing. Then, we can curve the entire panel into your required radius.

Do more with KC Panels!

Tell us your requirements, and we’ll work with you to customize stone honeycomb panels for your project. Our in-house engineers and fabrication team can create odd-shaped stone panels for interior fit-outs and exterior applications. Contact us today!

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