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Innovative Designs and Uses of Honeycomb Aluminum Sheets in Interior Design

Interior design has come a long way. It is not about creating aesthetically pleasing spaces anymore. Now, we prioritize functional, beautiful, and long-lasting interiors. This resulted in designers focusing on combining innovation and technology with unique shapes. The goal is to adapt to modern construction methods, culture, trends, societal norms, and climate conditions.

With this in mind, architects seek new alternatives and materials to create distinct designs while meeting the needs of project owners, such as privacy and individuality. At KC Panels, we help them meet these requirements with our honeycomb aluminum sheet.

Empowering design freedom and innovation

Also known as aluminum honeycomb panels, these materials feature a sandwich structure with two layers of aluminum sheets and an aluminum core in the middle. These layers are bonded by thermoplastic adhesive films, creating a full, composite panel with high strength and low-weight characteristics. That makes our panels cost-effective, versatile, and reliable for any interior application, including flooring and ceiling.

Honeycomb aluminum sheets also meet modern interior design requirements, and construction materials must support custom-designed shapes. At KC Panels, we offer these products in different styles and finishes to encourage designers to think outside the box and surpass design limitations. Our honeycomb aluminum sheet allows them to bring more designs to life to meet their client’s unique needs.

Read on to discover how our aluminum honeycomb sheets can be used in any application.

Interior design applications

At KC Panels, we offer a versatile honeycomb aluminum sheet that allows interior designers to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. Our products can be used as room dividers, ceilings, walls, and flooring. Moreover, they enable designers to experiment with various textures, shapes, and color combinations. Our advanced fabrication methods make it possible to shape aluminum honeycomb panels in any way to create contemporary and unique interiors.

More interior applications

Interior designers have more freedom to design and get creative for any project with a honeycomb aluminum sheet. Whether as soundproof panels or screen dividers, the panels ensure optimum results with their lightweight, strong, and weather-resistant properties. Being lightweight, they are easy to incorporate into extra buildings, temporary structures, and mobile homes.

How we shape honeycomb aluminum sheets

We have special machines and tooling to shape aluminum honeycomb sheets into various geometries, including curved and edge-folded. We also offer double-curved, one-piece with 90-degree returns, v-groove, and other designs. Do you have a specific and unique design in mind? Tell us about it, and we will work with you to realize it using our advanced fabrication methods and finishing options.

Various treatments available

Our honeycomb aluminum sheets go through various finishing processes, including heat transfer printing for vibrant designs, powder coating for a durable finish, and PE coating for additional protection. We also offer complete customization to any geometry, including sheets with 90-degree bends and curves.

Let’s take a closer look at the various treatments we offer and their common applications:

  • Polyethylene

    Polyethylene (PE) paint transforms the honeycomb aluminum sheet into a decorative panel for interior applications, such as ceilings, partitions, furniture, and decoration. Compared to other coatings, PE is relatively more affordable but ensures a long-lasting coating, as it keeps oxidation at bay. With our guaranteed bonding, interior designers don’t have to worry about the panels coming apart or deteriorating.
  • Epoxy coating or anodizing

    Anodizing aluminum honeycomb panels helps prevent oxidation, making it necessary for the invisible side of a veneer sheet. Alternatively, we can treat the panel with epoxy coating for applications that require long-lasting, anti-corrosion, and high-performance glue bonding. This improves the honeycomb core’s pull strength, making it over 2.0 MPa. We recommend these treatments for applications requiring a honeycomb aluminum sheet as a backing panel with another material layer for lamination on top, such as wood veneer, natural stone, or porcelain.
  • Mill finish

    Some interior designs require lightweight substrate materials laminated with ceramic, natural stone, wood veneer, sintered stone, or porcelain. We make this possible by applying a mill finish to both layers of the honeycomb aluminum sheet. It’s an economical solution for creating low-weight, weather-resistant, and elastic panels that can withstand temperatures from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Heat transfer printing

    Heat transfer technology allows us to customize a honeycomb aluminum sheet with various patterns, including stone veins and wood grain. It eliminates the need for natural materials for a more environmentally friendly interior design. Plus, it’s suitable for interior and exterior use, allowing designers to create a more consistent aesthetic. At KC Panels, we offer a wide range of customizable patterns to deliver any design that meets the project’s aesthetic requirements.
  • Galvanized steel

    Does your interior design project require better fire performance? We can use galvanized steel instead of aluminum sheets. In addition, this creates a unique surface finish, which we can customize further via etching, sanding, and others. We also offer other finishes for unique looks, such as hairline, mirror, and other colors. We can create a versatile panel for interior and exterior applications by laminating steel sheets with an aluminum honeycomb core.

Ensuring reliability

At KC Panels, we carefully tailor every honeycomb aluminum sheet to meet the project’s requirements and design intent. We guarantee a durable and reliable material bonded with epoxy thermoplastic films from top-brand adhesives. These adhesives are more elastic and weather-resistant than regular epoxy glue. They move with the substrate without failure, even under rapid temperature changes.

Alternatively, we can use a patented modified epoxy adhesive for applications that require higher bonding strength. This enhances the tensile strength of the honeycomb aluminum sheet beyond 50%, making the material versatile for interior and exterior uses.

Create custom interiors with aluminum honeycomb panels

Contact us here at KC Panels for a quote and to learn how we can customize our honeycomb aluminum sheet for your interior design project. Send us a message at info@kc-panels.com or use the form here.

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