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Innovative Stone Applications: Enhancing Your Design with Stone Honeycomb Panels

Do you want to add the beauty of stone to your property? That doesn’t mean you must haul large pieces to your job site and carefully cut them to your precise requirements. Save time and money while avoiding weight problems by choosing stone honeycomb panels. These innovative solutions are perfect as exterior cladding because they are lightweight, weighing only 1/3 of solid stone. This means that they can reduce the entire facade’s dead load to reduce your building expenses. Plus, they come in larger formats to simplify installation. Combined with their low-weight feature, stone veneer panels could speed up installation three times quicker than solid stone.

What are they made of?

A stone honeycomb panel consists of a fiberglass or aluminum reinforcement panel and a 5mm-thick stone veneer, which is bonded on top. The result is an aesthetically pleasing material with the most-wanted aesthetics of natural stone. Stone honeycomb panels can be made from various materials, including sandstone, marble, limestone, basalt, onyx, and granite, but they can also feature artificial ones like engineered stone, porcelain, glass, and ceramic. That makes them versatile for a wide range of exterior cladding applications.

Not just for building exteriors

Do you want to use stone inside your building, too? Look no further than stone veneer panels to get the job done. These materials will elevate the look and feel of any residential or commercial project by adding a touch of luxury. Instead of stone slabs, choose stone honeycomb panels that are easier to install and won’t weigh down your property.

Ready to use

One of the benefits of using stone veneer panels is they are ready for installation once they reach your job site. Most of the fabrication will be completed in the manufacturer’s factory to ensure the highest quality results. Plus, the top veneer will be attached to the backing with a specially formulated epoxy adhesive from trusted brands. So, you can count on the material’s performance, even when exposed to the most extreme weather conditions and temperatures from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Build with stone veneer panels now!

Here at KC Panels, we can customize high-quality stone honeycomb panels to your exact specifications. Rest assured, our products are the most durable, as they are proven to withstand 2.0MPa in tensile tests. We are confident they can last beyond 100 years with reasonable degradation. Contact us today!

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