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Learn About Stone Honeycomb Panels And Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb panels are used in various domains. These panels can be customized according to the requirement and are used generally for construction purposes.

There are two types of honeycomb panels that are popularly used in modern industries.

  • Aluminum honeycomb panels
  • Stone honeycomb panels

Both these panels are made of aluminium as the prime core material. Aluminum and stone surfaces or skins are integrated into the design based on the utilization of these honeycomb panels.

Things to know about honeycomb panels

  • Material

If you refer to the name of these panels, you can understand that the skin is made of either stone or aluminum. Stone panels are made of ceramic, porcelain, or engineered stone as artificial material. Natural stones such as granite, sandstone, onyx, limestone, basalt, etc are also used. Aluminum honeycomb panels are manufactured and painted with specific coating to achieve aesthetic requirements.

  • Weight

Aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels are both lightweight cladding materials. Generally aluminum panels weigh at around 5KG/M2 while stone panels weighs around 20KG/M2. Both of these panels  contribute greatly in saving constructional deal load which leads to considerable saving in overall budgets.

  • Applications

Aluminum honeycomb panels can be used in wide variety of scenarios say construction, machinery, marine, transportation etc. thanks to its lightweight but rigid characteristics. While stone honeycomb panels mainly used for exterior cladding or interior fit-outs for the idea of cutting down budget and at the same time keeping the beauty look of natural or artificial materials.


Final words

The utility of these panels determines which skin is ideal for the purpose. Aluminum surfaces are ideal for lightweight exterior cladding whereas stone panels are used for the same with natural looks. The thickness and design of the panels can be tailored according to the specific requirement of the customers. Hence, decide on the utilization, durability, and external features before choosing honeycomb panels. Seek professional assistance from the top manufacturers to identify the right option!

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