15 Years of Expertise

As the leading manufacturer of honeycomb panels in China with 15 years of experience, KCP supplies aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels for various applications. We always persist in our core value – top quality panels, punctual delivery, with good pricing. With 20,000M2 of production facility, we integrate production lines from the core the finished honeycomb panels, which enable us to control the cost, and more importantly, the quality. Throughout the years our aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels have been supplied to U.S, Canada, Australia and many others for landmark projects, which are the good proof that KCP achieves top standards. Click on below bottoms to learn more information about our aluminum honeycomb products.

Typical Composition of honeycomb composites

stone veneer panels for exterior

The typical aluminum honeycomb composites are made up of layers of aluminum sheets or fiberglass sheets and aluminum honeycomb core in between to form a sandwich structures. By bonding with designated adhesive, such sandwich structure is featured with ultra-lightweight and robust strength, which is an ideal composite material for cladding, flooring, ceiling and many more applications.

With the strong backing, thin layer of other high value but brittle decorative materials can be also bonded onto. For example, our stone honeycomb panels have a 6mm natural stone veneer bonded on top of the aluminum honeycomb panel backing. It inherits the natural beauty of stone, while significantly reduces the overall weight of stone cladding. Therefore the stone honeycomb panels are a ideal alternative for solid stone works which greatly reduces the project budgets while allowing for way faster installation at jobsite.

Our Panels

Aluminum Honeycomb Core

  • Aerospace-grade adhesive for bonding
  • Available in micro-aperture cells
  • Available from 5mm to 500mm thickness
  • Available in raw blocks or slices
  • Available in fully expanded form
  • Matured production lines for fast delivery
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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

  • Thermoplastic film for better weather performance
  • Proven epoxy adhesive for over 2.0MPa tensile resistance
  • Maximum size 2000x6000mm
  • Multiple coating options – PVDF, PE, Powdered coated etc.
  • Capability in producing odd-shape panels
  • Applicable for exterior, interior, or lamination use
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Stone Honeycomb Panels

  • Proven epoxy adhesive for weather resistance
  • Surface options – Stone, Porcelain, Ceramic, etc.
  • Rich experience in fabrication for odd-shape panels
  • Well-established QC system for quality panels
  • Outstanding life-span in extreme weather conditions
  • Applicable for exterior cladding or interior use
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Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

  • Single-layer fiberglass sheets for better bonding
  • Modified epoxy adhesive for weather resistance
  • Available in one-side or both sides fiberglass
  • Maximum size 2000x6000mm
  • Rough surface finish for stone veneer lamination
  • Outstanding tensile strength at over 2.0MPa
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