Location: Shenzhen, China

Product: Stone Honeycomb Panels with Limestone Veneer

Area: 3,000M2


Bantian International School is a private-owned school located in Shenzhen, China. It is famous for its high-quality teaching staffs and was awarded with the Best International School in Longgang Region.

KC PANELS (KCP) supply the stone honeycomb panels with limestone veneer to the Bantian International School. The project itself was in a rushing schedule for opening, therefore the stone honeycomb panels come into the best solution which significantly cut down installation time and cost. While KCP offers its full capacity for production – the whole delivery of panels only lasts for 35 days, ensuring the cladding material are in schedule.

All the fabrication and assembly of panels were also done in the factory – On one hand it enables way better workmanship than fabrication in jobsite. On the other hand it also contributes time-saving in terms of installation.

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