Location: Guangzhou, China

Product: Stone Honeycomb Panels, marble & travertine veneer

Area: 20,000M2


CTF Tower is the tallest building in Guangzhou, the 4th tallest building in the word which has an overall height of 530 metres.

Inside the building there are high-end shopping malls, office floors, serviced apartments and luxury hotel. KC PANELS (KCP) supplied stone honeycomb panels as interior decoration units to the area of entrance lobby, lift lobbies, office toilets, hotel rooms.

Luxury natural stone being specified by architects altogether with aluminum honeycomb panel system. By bonding a thin layer of 5mm of stone on top on aluminum backings, the overall spending on the material had been significantly cut down.

It was a great success of this project as stone honeycomb panels contribute massively in terms of saving time and cost, while achieving way better finishes as most of the fabrication works has been done in the factory.


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