Location: Texas, U.S

Product: Stone Honeycomb Panels with Granite Veneer

Area: 3,500M2

MDI is a new development for a medical institution located in Texas, U.S.

KC PANELS (KCP) supply the stone honeycomb panels with granite veneer to the MDI project. The original plan was to clad solid natural granite which requires 50mm-thick granite slabs. This will restrict the size of individual slab due to risk of crack and damage of stone; Meanwhile the installation will be a great challenge due to the heavy weight of the material.

By shifting to stone honeycomb panels, the individual panel size can be enlarge, while it is just 1/3 of the weight comparing to solid stone. It not only speeds up the installation by a large scale; Moreover it reduce the dead load as a whole, which also saves massive budget for the project.

All the fabrication and assembly of panels were also done in the factory – On one hand it enables way better workmanship than fabrication in jobsite. On the other hand it also contributes time-saving in terms of installation.

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