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Simplified Building Guidelines for a Home Builder Regarding Stone Honeycomb Panels

Building a home with stone features does not mean getting purely natural materials that could compromise the durability and longevity of the structure. Natural stone in its original form can be heavy and weigh down the building, and compensating for that could result in higher construction costs. This is where stone honeycomb panels can be beneficial. They have a 5mm stone veneer bonded on fiberglass or aluminum honeycomb panels as reinforcement to maintain the aesthetics of the natural material. However, they are significantly lightweight, making them ideal for exterior cladding.

Also known as stone veneer panels, these products come in a wide range of options, including granite, marble, sandstone, basalt, onyx, and limestone. Manufacturers also offer artificial materials like engineered stone, ceramic, glass, and porcelain. Use this guide to choose the best materials for your project.


Unlike thick solid slabs of stone, the material should be lighter and weigh only one-third of its counterparts. This way, the stone honeycomb panels can minimize the dead load of the entire exterior facade, which could reduce building costs. The low weight and large format can also speed up installation time and reduce labor costs.

Interior applications

Stone veneer panels are also ideal for upscale home interiors looking to add a touch of luxury. They can reduce the cost of stone slabs by half, as a single slab yields two panels.


Ideally, the stone honeycomb panel must have a 6mm natural stone veneer or a 3mm porcelain slab on top. Ensure high-quality aluminum honeycomb panels as backing for reliable reinforcement. The top veneer and backing must be bonded by a specially formulated epoxy adhesive that can withstand extreme conditions and temperature fluctuations between -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Have it made offsite

Most of the fabrication should occur in the factory to ensure high-quality results compared to when it’s done at the job site. It also minimizes excessive site works. Just be sure to work with a reputable manufacturer that can fabricate and deliver the stone honeycomb panels on time.

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