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Stone Cladding Systems with Honeycomb Aluminum Panel

Are you using natural or engineered stone as cladding for your project? You’ll need reliable reinforcement to keep the material in place while ensuring durability and an aesthetically pleasing finish. The honeycomb aluminum panel is ideal for that application as it helps reduce a dead load of stone to the whole exterior facade. It’s typically around one-third the weight of a thick slab of solid stone and comes in a large format, resulting in simpler and faster installation. Overall, using stone cladding systems with honeycomb aluminum panels can help reduce installation costs and speed up the completion of your project.

Why use honeycomb panels?

Aluminum honeycomb panels consist of an aluminum honeycomb core sandwiched between two layers of aluminum sheets. The materials are bonded by thermoplastic adhesive films, creating a whole composite panel that’s lightweight, durable, strong, and cost-effective.

Depending on your requirements, manufacturers can customize the sheets with treatments, such as powder coating, PVDF, PE, and heat transfer printing. They can also create the panels in specific shapes, such as 3D, 90-degree return, and curved.


The honeycomb aluminum panel is a sandwiched structure with three layers bonded by epoxy thermoplastic films. The films and layers are hot-pressed at temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius to create the finished panel. 

Film-bonded honeycomb aluminum panels are weather-resistant and elastic, allowing them to withstand extreme weather conditions from -40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius. The adhesives are guaranteed to be sturdy and capable of keeping up with the substrate when exposed to rapid temperature changes without failure.


The honeycomb aluminum panel is used widely for stone cladding systems. You can use natural materials, such as sandstone, limestone, basalt, onyx, marble, or granite, and artificial materials like glass, engineered stone, ceramic, and porcelain.

Unlike thick slabs of solid stone, stone honeycomb aluminum panels are lighter, significantly minimizing the dead load of the entire exterior facade, resulting in savings. They’re easier to install, too, so you can complete your project faster.

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