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Stone Honeycomb Panels – A Smart Choice for Hotel & Resort Interior Decoration

Natural stone has long been applied to interior decoration for high-end hotel & resorts, and itself has become a symbol of luxury.

However, due to environmental consideration as well as business tactics, some of the well-recognized high-end stones have recorded less and less output from their quarry year after year. This results in a rapid rise of price for such stones, making them even more expensive than ever. This makes the application of such stones in some large-scale hotel and resorts become more difficult when comes to budget consideration.

Therefore, from early 2000’s, designer and architects started to use aluminum honeycomb panels as solution for such high-end stone applications. The aluminum honeycomb panels act as the reinforcement for the stone, in this case the stone veneer on top can be as thin as 5mm. The traditional piece of 18mm-thick natural stone slab now can yield two same-size panels, which cuts down 50% of the consumption of natural stone, which means a massive cut on the budget as well.

Meanwhile, due to the stone honeycomb panels are featured with lightweight characteristics – It only has 1/3 of the weight compared to solid natural stone – The panels can be produced into larger ones, usually more than 3 meters in height. In this case, the one-piece panel can be installed from floor to ceiling, instead of many pieces are required for solid stones due to the fragile problem. This significantly cuts down to installation time and cost on the jobsite, which further contributes savings to the overall spending on the project.

Another benefit for using stone honeycomb panels is that all the returns and odd-shape parts will be already fabricated in the factory. Therefore the finish of the panels will be more clean and neat comparing to those solid stone which has to be cut and assembled on the jobsite, giving better user experience to the guests and visitors.

Here below are some project examples that KC Panels completed with its stone honeycomb panels.

Rosewood Hotel, Guangzhou – Entrance and Lobby

Rosewood Hotel, Guangzhou – Deluxe Rooms

Rosewood Hotel, Guangzhou – Suites

The Parisan, Macau – Featured Walls

The Parisan, Macau – Suites

Production in the factory – The Parisan, Macau

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