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Stone Honeycomb Panels – The Best Choice for Commercial and Residential Architecture

It’s hard to deny the beauty and sophistication of natural stone materials. But for weight-saving applications, the use of actual stone might not be practical and cost-effective. That’s where stone honeycomb panels come in. With fiberglass or aluminum honeycomb panels as the reinforcement, a 5mm stone veneer will be bonded on top to deliver the natural aesthetic that you want to achieve on your design, but without compromise on weight and strength. Stone veneer panels work well with honeycomb reinforcements, and they can be customized using a wide range of materials like granite, marble, onyx, limestone, basalt, or limestone. Artificial materials like glass, engineered stone, ceramic, and porcelain may also be used.


A stone honeycomb panel is made of a 6mm natural stone veneer or a 3mm porcelain slab on top, with aluminum honeycomb panels as the backing to serve as reinforcement. A specially formulated epoxy adhesive is used to bond the top veneer and the backing.

Great for exterior cladding

One of the most common applications of stone honeycomb panels is exterior cladding. Compared to thick and solid stone slabs, the stone veneer panels are ultra-lightweight, weighing only one-third of the weight of traditional material. This way, the stone panels can reduce the dead load of the entire exterior facade and this could mean savings. Moreover, the lighter weight and large format of the panels allow for faster installation, which helps cut costs.

For interior applications

The stone honeycomb panel is also suitable for interior stone works, particularly in upscale residential and commercial projects. It easily adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to the interior design and architecture of the indoor environment. The stone honeycomb panels are more cost-effective and you have the option to cut the slabs in half since one slab can already yield two stone panels. This is done to speed up the completion of the project while providing savings in terms of time and money.

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