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Stone Honeycomb Panels: The Ultimate Solution for High-Performance and Aesthetically Pleasing Buildings

Natural stone is popular for external cladding due to its timeless beauty. However, its weight and size limitations can make it challenging to work with. Plus, it can be expensive and require careful installation and maintenance. Luckily, modern alternatives—like stone honeycomb panels—are ultra-lightweight, cost-effective, more durable, and longer-lasting. They weigh only one-third of the thick slabs of solid stone, making them easier to work with and customize. This feature also significantly reduces the dead load of your building’s facade, leading to more savings down the line.


A stone honeycomb panel consists of a fiberglass or aluminum honeycomb panel reinforcement and a 5mm stone veneer bonded on top. It provides the natural aesthetics of stone to your building but with added benefits like strength, durability, and weight savings. You could even choose from a wide range of natural materials, like limestone, granite, marble, basalt, onyx, and sandstone, or artificial ones, like engineered stone, porcelain, glass, and ceramic.

Easier to install

With their low weight and larger format, stone honeycomb panels can be installed faster and easier than solid stone. You could complete the installation three times faster, allowing you to finish your project sooner while saving money. Plus, most of the fabrication is completed by the manufacturer, so all you need to do is install the panels when they arrive at your job site.

Not just for exterior use

Stone is also popular for interior applications, as it brings the beauty of nature indoors and creates a rustic feel. You can achieve the same effect with a stone honeycomb panel, too. With this solution, you can add high-value stones to elevate the look of any residential or commercial property at a more reasonable cost.

Reliable performance

The components of high-quality stone honeycomb panels are bonded with a special epoxy from well-known adhesive brands. This adhesive makes each panel durable and capable of withstanding extreme temperature fluctuations from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

We’ll supply these panels to you!

Get aesthetically pleasing and high-performance stone honeycomb panels here at KC Panels! You could even customize the thickness, stone type, or surface finish to get your desired look. Contact us, so we can tell you more about our honeycomb products.

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