Curved Stone Honeycomb Panels

KCP’s curved stone honeycomb panels consist of 3mm-thick stone veneer on top and aluminum honeycomb panels as backing for reinforcement. The panel as a whole can be curved into required radius and at the same time keeping the feature of lightweight and material-saving.

The traditional processing for making curved stone is to cut thick material from stone blocks, then use CNC sawing to cut the thick material into curved shape, finally hand polishing the curved stone. Due to its thickness, it always being super heavy and very difficult to install.

By adapting honeycomb technology, KCP only uses 3mm thin-stone veneer to achieve the same aesthetically effect comparing to solid stone. Our patented technology enables the thin stone to bend with the honeycomb backing to form the desired shape, making it lightweight for saving of installation time and cost.



Key specs:

Top veneer: 3mm natural stone veneer

Surface Finish: Polished / Honed

Backing: Aluminum honeycomb panels

Radius: above 1000mm

Overall thickness: 20~30mm

Factory pre-fabrication: Possible