Stone Veneer Panels

KCP’s stone honeycomb panels consist of 5mm natural stone veneer on top and aluminum honeycomb panels as backing for reinforcement. 

All types of natural stone can be combined with honeycomb backing to form the panel, including but not limited to marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, basalt, etc. A wide variety of finishes also available such as polished, honed, bush hammering, sand blasted, leather finish, etc.

The thin stone veneer is bonded with the backing by specifically developed epoxy adhesive. KCP works closely with internationally renowned adhesive brands to ensure that the glue applied on each individual stone panel fits for the use in even the most extreme conditions. For example, our stone honeycomb panel can endure vast temperature changes from -40 degree to 80 degree Celsius while the bonding strength stays at excellent level after decades.


Key specs:

Top veneer: Natural stone

Backing: Aluminum honeycomb panels or fiberglass honeycomb panels

Stone finish: All kinds of finishes available

Dimension: 1500*3000mm, or larger depends on slab sizes

Overall thickness: 10~100mm

Factory pre-fabrication: Possible