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Strong and Lightweight: The Two Pillars of Fiberglass Honeycomb Panels

The words ‘lightweight’ and ‘strong’ do not usually go together unless describing fiberglass honeycomb panels. They are the critical factors that make these materials worth considering for projects where weight is critical without sacrificing durability and strength.


A fiberglass honeycomb panel is composed of two fiberglass sheet layers. Or it can be a layer of fiberglass and an aluminum sheet sandwiching an aluminum honeycomb core. No matter its composition, it is widely used for exterior cladding, particularly as backing for stone veneer panels.


Notable features of a fiberglass honeycomb panel

      1. Thermal conductivity

Both natural stone and fiberglass have a similar thermal conductivity that lets them move in a similar range to keep up with rapid temperature changes, allowing the stone veneer panel to remain intact with reduced bowing.

      2. Guaranteed bonding

Older versions of fiberglass honeycomb panels relied on resin to create the layers. The adhesive is not often the panel’s weakest point, but it can fail at 1.2MPa when subject to a flatwise tensile strength test. That is not acceptable for exterior cladding applications.

New-generation panels use a modified epoxy that is stronger and more reliable than regular resin. As such, the tensile strength increases to 2.5MPa, making it two times stronger than the previous versions.

Established and reputable manufacturers use high-quality adhesives from trusted suppliers. This way, they can guarantee a reliable backing panel for laminating stone panels.

     3. Customizable

Working with an experienced manufacturer gives you access to various sizes, thicknesses, and surface finishes. You can get fiberglass honeycomb panels up to 2000mm wide, 6000mm long, and 10mm to 500mm thick. A rough surface finish is ideal on the fiberglass side to bond effectively with stone, but make sure the aluminum sheet has an anti-corrosion coating.


Invest in high-quality construction materials for your project

It’s hard to go wrong with fiberglass honeycomb panels when you need something strong and lightweight for your building. Be sure to connect with reputable manufacturers to get high-quality materials that can withstand extreme conditions.

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