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The Characteristics of Aluminum Honeycomb Core

For decades, aluminum honeycomb core technology has been utilized in the aviation sector as a cost-effective solution for providing robust structures. An epoxy adhesive is applied to an array of aluminum foils by machine and then arranged together before undergoing hot pressing, which forms into one block. Afterward, this mass is cut down into slices that eventually expand outwards, creating the desired aluminum honeycomb core product.

Today, many industries rely on aluminum honeycomb cores due to their exceptional combination of strength, weight, and thermal insulation properties. Depending on the application requirements, both hexagonal and square cell shapes are available for selection. Here are some of the characteristics of this useful material:


Excellent thermal insulation properties

The remarkable thermal efficiency of aluminum honeycomb panels renders them unsusceptible to extreme temperatures. While aluminum affords no heat insulation, its hexagonal cellular structure establishes a series of hermetic spaces filled with air layers between the skins.


Lightweight and strong

The use of aluminum honeycomb panels to construct lightweight yet robust structures is a widespread practice today. This type of panel is remarkably light compared to other traditional materials, including steel, yet it retains its strength despite this.


Unmatched non-flammability and unbeatable moisture repellency

The aluminum panel is created from a combination of an aluminum plate and honeycomb core, producing a material that not only boasts remarkable fire-retardant properties but also stands the test of time with its chemical stability, corrosion resistance, and moisture-proofing.



The foundation of aluminum honeycomb panels is composed of non-radioactive, harmless aluminum alloy. Not only are these panels easily recyclable, decreasing our reliance on resources and energy consumption, but they also meet energy conservation and environmental protection standards.

Aluminum honeycomb is a highly efficient and cost-effective material for various industries. Its superior characteristics make it an ideal choice for applications subject to intense temperatures and harsh environments or requiring lightweight yet strong structures. Investing in the aluminum honeycomb is an investment that will last you for many years to come.

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