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Transform Your Home Exterior Wall With Stone Veneer

Stone honeycomb panels can be an excellent addition to your exterior walls, providing the strength your structures need.

The different types of honeycomb panels

Of course, you’ll want to consider various materials in any construction project as you review your design. Some materials may work better than others in certain circumstances.

For instance, honeycomb aluminum cores feature a top-tier strength-to-weight ratio. Meanwhile, fiberglass honeycomb panels are known for their thermal conductivity, perfectly reinforcing your stone veneer panels.

Why you should choose stone honeycomb panels

Another popular option for your exterior home walls is the stone honeycomb panel. This material is favored for the following features:

  • Made from natural materials

Stone veneers can be made from various materials such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, and porcelain. These are all real and 100% natural, reflecting the exact features you’d see in the environment.

  • Thin and lightweight

Keeping the natural beauty on surface, the stone honeycomb panels significantly reduce the overall weight compare to same size solid stone. Generally stone honeycomb panels weigh around 20KG/M2, while solid stone cladding around 70KG/M2.  Therefore stone honeycomb panels cut down the installation cost and time by large scale.

  • Durable

There’s no doubt that stone is a solid and durable material. It has great wind load capacity, allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions and force.

Additionally, exterior panels have a tensile strength of up to 2Mpa, while interior panels can go up to 1.2Mpa.

  • Flexible

Stone panels are designed with a honeycomb shape, improving its flexibility.

This six-sided polygon allows the material to withstand earthquakes, making it more flexible than regular stone veneers.

  • Ease of installation

Generally, stone honeycomb panels can easily be installed on existing cladding. This often eliminates the need to demolish structures, making the construction process more efficient.

Purchase your honeycomb panels and honeycomb aluminum cores from trusted manufacturers to ensure build quality and the best materials.

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