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Transforming Exteriors: The Impact of Brick Facade Panels

Does your structure look and feel too plain outside? One of the simplest ways to transform your exteriors is to install brick facade panels. Unlike traditional brickwork, these modern panels offer a modular installation that’s straightforward and lightweight. Plus, they provide the beauty and rustic charm of regular bricks while providing other perks, such as low cost, quick installation, and longevity.

If you’re interested in a brick exterior for your project, look no further. Here at KC Panels, we offer these brick panels with honeycomb backing, resulting in a lightweight material that requires dry installation. We have a wide range of these materials for every exterior, so we are confident in our ability to provide what you want, whether it’s a traditional aesthetic or a contemporary design.

In addition, we can produce custom patterns to make the brick facade panels look antiqued or worn down on purpose to make them more realistic. We do this by varying their colors so they seem like real bricks. In most cases, people can’t tell our brick-alike porcelain tiles from actual bricks unless they take a closer look!

How do we make them

At KC Panels, we laminate a 9 mm to 10 mm thick brick tile onto an aluminum honeycomb panel in-house while ensuring we follow your approved layout. We also do the grouting on every panel in our factory to save you time and effort and prevent excessive work on your job site.

Our brick cladding panels typically measure 1500 mm x 3000 mm or 1220 mm x 2440 mm. Plus, they are always customizable, so be sure to discuss your requirements with us. Moreover, we offer prefabrication based on production drawings, and we can cut the panels to size and assemble them with returns to ensure a precise match for every elevation.

Easy to install

Leave all the time-consuming and complex work to our team here at KC Panels. When you receive your brick facade panels, all you need to do is hang them on your building’s exterior. We make them with interlocking systems to take the guesswork out of connecting them. Plus, this feature ensures a neat and straightforward assembly and installation that eliminates the need for grouting.

Our interlocking system features G-shaped interlocking channels. The brackets can be rivet-fixed or screw-fixed on the back of each panel for trouble-free installation onto a concrete wall. After hanging your new panels, don’t forget to fix the screws on the channels’ top row and align the panels by adjusting the screw above the bracket.

Create a reliable, aesthetically pleasing façade

Are you worried about brick honeycomb panels deteriorating within a few years? That’s not the case with our products. At KC Panels, we use a specially formulated epoxy adhesive to bond the top 9 mm to 10 mm brick-alike porcelain tile onto the aluminum honeycomb panel backing. In addition, the honeycomb panel reinforces the whole piece.

We work closely with globally known adhesive brands to ensure the glue can withstand extreme weather and climates. Our brick facade panels are proven to endure constant temperature changes from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius. Plus, the glue ensures optimum bonding strength that remains excellent even after several decades. So, you don’t have to worry about regularly maintaining your exterior or replacing the panels every few years.

Quality matters

Bonding is often the most critical concern with brick honeycomb panels, particularly for exterior applications. At KC Panels, we only use specially made adhesives from reputable and trusted brands with at least 20 years of experience formulating their products for honeycomb composites. Plus, we take the time to verify that their adhesives have been widely used in many similar projects around the world.

We are also careful when applying the adhesive to our brick facade panels. We store the adhesives in a temperature-controlled room and blend them in a dust-free space, which we also use for two-component blending for laminated panels. Our panels can withstand extreme weather conditions, reaching up to 1.5 MPa during tensile tests, and are expected to last over 100 years with reasonable degradation.

Customized to your needs

At KC Panels, we understand the impact a well-designed facade can have on your building’s aesthetic. That’s why we offer high-temperature sintered porcelain tiles meticulously crafted to resemble authentic brick. Plus, we can customize them in surface finishes. Do you want your brick facade panels to have a rugged look? We can provide a textured finish to achieve that. Or we can provide a smooth finish with a contemporary feel.

Transforming exteriors with brick honeycomb panels

Here at KC Panels, we currently have over 60 brick patterns available for most design intents. We are confident that we can provide the right material for your aesthetic requirements, whether you want a traditional-looking exterior or a contemporary or modern design. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see our complete range of pattern designs for brick tiles.

Better than traditional brickwork

Brick facade panels offer a significant advantage over traditional bricklaying: modular installation. This translates to a faster and more efficient construction process. But the benefits go beyond ease of installation. Here’s how our brick honeycomb panels can further enhance your project:

  • Build faster and cost-effectively

    Manually laying bricks is a time-consuming and messy project. The process depends on the weather, making your work unpredictable and slow. Our lightweight brick honeycomb panels are ready to install, regardless of the weather, dramatically cutting installation times by 4 to 5 times compared to conventional masonry. Moreover, our systems suit any structurally sound surface.
  • Ideal for any project

    We implement ISO 9001 in our production site to ensure our brick facade panels meet building regulations and codes worldwide. Moreover, our seasoned quality control team meticulously tackles every project to identify and address possible issues and defects. Our in-house laboratory also tests randomly selected pieces during production to oversee bonding performance.
  • Build sustainably

    Using our brick facade panels can reduce your project’s environmental impact. Our materials don’t require clay and mortar for installation. And because we make the panels in-house, we help reduce waste on your job site.

Here at KC Panels, we have years of experience working with builders, architects, and contractors to provide custom brick honeycomb panels for their projects. Talk to us today to learn more about our products or to order your brick panels.

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