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Why Do So Many People Seem to Be Upgrading to Brick Veneer Panels?

Upgrading your building’s exterior is a step to boosting its curb appeal. You just need to select the right materials that can add value to your property and enhance its appearance. It doesn’t have to be a difficult and expensive project, especially with an affordable and versatile solution like brick veneer panels. They are as attractive as real bricks but cost less and are easier and quicker to install. That makes them popular with many people looking to update the look of their residence or commercial property.

There are other reasons to use brick cladding panels when upgrading your exterior. Allow us to share them here:

Transform your property without the added expense

Brick honeycomb panels can make traditional brickwork into a modular project. The brick-like porcelain tiles over one-piece aluminum honeycomb backing maintain the beauty of conventional brickwork while ensuring lightweight materials that are more affordable and faster to install. Unlike regular bricks, they require only dry installation to complete. Plus, they last longer.

Available in various designs

When you work with a reputable manufacturer like us, you can find a wide range of brick veneer panels in various designs. We carry everything from contemporary to traditional ones, but we can produce custom designs with specific patterns, color variations, or an aged effect. Brick sizes typically range from 1220mm to 2440 or 1500mm to 300mm, but we can customize and pre-fabricate them to meet unique design requirements. Additionally, we can cut them to specific sizes or assemble them to match every elevation.

Fast turnaround

When supplying brick cladding panels, we make sure each tile is 9 to 10mm thick and laminated on the aluminum honeycomb panel in our factory. Rest assured, we follow every customer’s required layout. We also complete the grouting in our factory to save time and ensure each piece is ready for installation when they arrive at your job site.

Discover the benefits today.

Are you considering brick veneer panels for your next upgrade? Leave them to us! Our team here at KC Panels will work with you to create the perfect materials that will enhance your exterior.

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